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The collection of drawings entitled [WOODSHED SERIES], is actually a metaphor of urbanism.

Human beings in their attempt to adapt their environment, invade the territory leaving behind infinite and hypertrophied remnants that determine their life. Nothing stops this invasion, even obstacles. When they can’t get through, they surround.

These drawings create new realities susceptible to being interpreted in two different ways. In one hand, these planned or spontaneous settlements share the idea that behind a structure exists an intrinsic order. On the other hand, it is fascinating to observe the collision between two different development structures: the organic and the Cartesian.

From the vision of human scale we can seldom perceive this structure, like a mouse in a maze. Only the global vision allows us to find a way out.

In short, this is an exercise of decontextualization by distorting the concept of scale.

"I think that all these issues directly related to architecture, should be treated from a hybrid graphic language, to flee in equal measure of realism and abstraction. This can only be achieved using a wide variety of graphic techniques or as I defined "visual hybridizations", to help raise a different view of space beyond what we perceive. This is creating a new scenario which is governed by its own laws. Laws that seek harmony within apparent chaos by approximating the beauty of hand processing, cadence and geometry".


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